Prayer Strategy 2nd Ed. by Ann Bandini

Prayer Strategy 2nd Ed. by Ann Bandini

Prayer Stratedgy 2nd edition_cover2aGod’s Provocative Plan for Wealth

Caution: This book is hazardous to mediocrity, fence riding, and “religious spirits.” I must advise you not to read this book unless you are ready to seriously change and rearrange your present understanding. This book will redefine your relationship with your Heavenly Father. You will come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, a very missing part in the walk of most Christians today. You will be compelled, and drawn to the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, your Mentor and Teacher bringing you into “PRESENT TRUTH.” This book is not for the faint hearted, comfortable, or the lethargic when it comes to the revelations of God. It has been written for the desperate, hungry and tenacious! You are about to become familiar with the stirrings of the Holy Spirit and His daily directives. You will begin to understand authority, accountability, holiness, sanctification and reverence. It’s time to search your heart to see where there has been any wicked way. You will desire daily, “to create in yourself a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within.” Your desires will become the desires of His Majesty. You will choose to go through whatever process He allows to prepare you for the marriage feast of the Lamb. This preparation is for you, His bride.
Continue to read this book if you want to be separated from every carnal thing, or fleshly distractions and attachments and enter into His presence! Are you willing to risk preparation for the Glory?  Price:  $16 plus tax and shipping

Prayer Strategy 2nd Ed :

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